Hi. My name is Jordan Dwayne.

Animals have always been my true passion. I have had animal companions for as long as I can remember, from dogs and cats to pythons and cockatoos. My first dog was an Akita/Wolf Hybrid at the age of 3 and I had human-toilet-trained my first cat by the age of 12. I realized then that I was different than other kids. I understood the animals and they understood me; I spoke their language.

I got involved with a rescue group at the age of 19 which specialized in the fostering and placement of “unmanageable”, “untrainable”, or otherwise unwanted animals. My job was to rehabilitate them to become loving domesticated pets or, for some dogs, graduating onto the working force for personal protection and drug detection.

Using the skills and techniques that I have acquired over years of experience working with and training animals, along with my natural affinity to communicate with them, I now specialize in behavior modification and correction.

Whether you are looking to improve an unwanted behavior or you simply wish to happily co-habitate with your animal companion, I can help. I offer one-on-one consultations to formulate a unique behavior modification program that suits you and your pet.

I am based in Los Angeles, California but frequent London, UK and Paris, FR.
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En Français

J’ai travaillĂ© avec un groupe de secours Ă  l’Ăąge de 19 ans, qui Ă©tait spĂ©cialisĂ© dans la promotion et le placement des animaux “ingĂ©rables”, “non formables”, ou tout simplement indĂ©sirables. Mon travail consistait alors Ă  les rĂ©habiliter afin qu’ils deviennent des animaux domestiques ou, pour certains chiens, Ă  les faire travailler afin de les former pour la protection personnelle et la dĂ©tection de la drogue.

En utilisant les compĂ©tences et les techniques que j’ai acquises au fil de mes annĂ©es de travail auprĂšs des animaux, ainsi que mon affinitĂ© naturelle pour communiquer avec eux, je me spĂ©cialise maintenant dans la modification du comportement et le dressage.

Que vous cherchiez à améliorer un comportement non désiré ou que vous souhaitiez simplement cohabiter tranquillement avec votre animal de compagnie, je peux vous aider.

Contactez moi: Jordan@ModelBehaviorism.com

Jordan Dwayne animal behaviorist